Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance really boosts
overall equipment effectiveness

Capitalize on Industry 4.0 by using predictive maintenance

Everybody’s talking about it, most want it and yet no one shares the same understanding: Predictive maintenance is a proactive, forward-looking maintenance strategy employed at just the right time to reduce costly downtime. With its approach, predictive maintenance goes one step further than condition monitoring. The goal of condition monitoring is to oversee the state of a machine or system — that is, its current state. Predictive maintenance uses AI methods to calculate, interpret and forecast the machine or system’s future behavior on the basis of its historical and current condition — an intelligent early-warning system that’s always looking ahead.

Thanks to predictive maintenance from Katana, you benefit from a future-oriented approach to maintenance that strategically integrates operational experience and real-time data related to a machine’s condition as well as machine management and planning.

Predictive maintenance from real-world use

The optimum time to carry out maintenance is determined on the basis of predicting the long-term development of key variables over time — variables such as a machine’s performance or its oil quality. Knowing the optimum maintenance time lowers costs. After all, spare parts are there on time, replacements have already been scheduled and costly downtimes are prevented.

Your benefits:

Precise forecast for the optimum maintenance time

Lower maintenance and personnel costs

Increased machine and system availability

Preventative avoidance of faults

Reduced machine failures and downtimes

Optimized spare-part management

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