Make – our solution packages for data-driven services

for short-term rental and long-term success

No matter whether you are talking about 10,000 machines that each churn out 800 MB of data day after day or 250,000 machines that each generate 35 MB of data daily: As margins for machine sales slip, the goal is to generate profits with new data-driven services. Any company that does not immediately start creating a specific system of analysis to handle these precious masses of data, conduct fast-paced evaluations of them and reach specific conclusions as quickly as possible will ultimately end up losing time and, thus, money.

Data-driven services with Katana are all about successfully seizing growth opportunities – for a specific period of time and without wasting time. To generate the biggest impact and protect your intellectual property.

An overview of the Make solution package

You will rent our expertise for a limited period of time, profit from fast solutions – and seize market opportunities instead of letting them simply pass you by. The focal point of “Make” is the Katana platform based on best-practice components. We use this kit to create a combination of components that perfectly suits your individual needs.

Good to know: The terms and conditions of all Make packages include:

  • A 1-year term – followed by a 6-month extension
    Covered annual costs: platform, standard interfaces, service level agreement, standard algorithms
    Option of upgrading to a higher level at any time
    Option of switching from the cloud to on premise


Your benefits:

Up and running

No vendor



expert knowledge


Make solution packages in detail

  • “Out-of-the-box” vibration
    analysis as a get to know offer
  • Exclusively in the cloud
  • Max. 250 GB of storage*
  • Up to 10 use cases
  • Up to 100 connected machines
  • Max. 10 CPUs
  • Max. 60 GB of RAM
  • Max. 2 TB of dtorage
  • Up to 20 use cases
  • Up to 500 connected machines
  • Max. 35 CPUs
  • Max. 175 GB of RAM
  • Max. 10 TB of Storage
  • Up to 40 use cases
  • Up to 1.000 connected machines
  • Max. 60 CPUs
  • Max. 300 GB of RAM
  • Max. 20 TB of storage

* 3 CPU not dedicated and 12 GB of RAM not dedicated

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