Edge – our solution package for data-driven services

for direct use without cloud usage

From axle production to machine tools and precision scales – your machinery continuously generate data, information that should not only be stored, but also analyzed. After all, only then you really can open-up the data’s value-adding potential. But just how do you obtain the data, particularly if you aren’t interested in a cloud solution?

Edge computing without the cloud? In this solution, analytics are done directly on the machine, and the valuable data can be put into work – for a low base price and with licenses issued per machine.

An overview of the Edge solution package

The Edge solution package is designed to process data at the very place where they are created and produced – that is, decentralized on the machine itself. Our Katana Edge solution package will give you the opportunity to process valuable data in a direct, real-time manner. Our AI experts will use your data to develop the right algorithm for the job.

Good to know: The terms and conditions of the Edge package include:

  • A 1-year term – followed by a 6-month extension
  • Scope of service: Algorithm with defined input
    and output parameters
  • Including documentation


Your benefits:

even if you lack
transmission options

Up and running
immediately, directly
on the Edge

as a service


Access to USU
data science

Low investment

The Edge solution package in detail

  • One-time base price for the algorithm
  • Plus an annual license per machine
  • Pre-defined minimum number of machines

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