Smart Services

Generating added value from knowledge

What are Smart Services?

Smart services are data-driven, digital services that serve a specific business purpose. To create smart services, a large number of connected systems, ranging from industrial machines and systems through to mobile devices, are equipped with sensor technology. The connected systems represent the Internet of Things (IoT). In the IoT, large quantities of data (Big Data) are collected and fed into an algorithmic analysis by means of an appropriate software.

In doing so, the machine data are processed in such a way that an immediate, data-based added value can take place. This means that a true added value is created for the operator of the smart service, such as a reduction in the number of defective parts in the production process or a savings of resources.

Smart Services at a glance


Added value
from data



Properties of Smart Services

A key feature of smart services is that they can be provided on an individual basis and customized for the specific need at hand. They are based on the analysis of large quantities of data that, as described in the first section, are captured through sensor technology. The results of the analyses represent the core of the added value. Smart services are orchestrated through digital platforms and made available to the relevant user groups. This provides for outstanding flexibility in terms of when and where the services are available and how they perform. In principle, smart services can either be used for technical, economic or sales purposes.

Technical Smart Services

Technical smart services encompass such things as proactive maintenance concepts, also called Predictive Maintenance. These solutions can help forecast and prevent downtimes, consumption flows, component wear and false alarms.

Economic Smart Services

Economic services are aimed at the software-driven optimization of production processes. They can lead to leaner production processes which would, for example, reduce the number of production steps needed for a brake caliper from twelve to nine steps.

Sales Smart Services

Results from analyses can be used in sales-based services to better understand the buying behavior of customers and to offer them relevant suggestions, such as for purchasing an optimal configuration of consumable materials for a machine.

Which smart services does Katana offer?

In the field of data-driven, digital services, Katana offers a complete package of services for the development of technical, economic and sales-based smart services. We analyze your existing data with the objective of determining the information that is relevant for you. The subsequent evaluation of this information forms the basis for your new smart service.

It can be put into practice for the early detection of machine failures (technical service), improving efficiency in production (economic service), or suggesting the replacement of existing assembly and wear parts with more suitable components (sales services).

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Katana is your big data analytics expert for Industry 4.0 applications. With the help of the very latest cloud technology and the expertise of our own data scientists and data engineers, we facilitate fast, highly flexible analysis of your industrial data and the operationalization of profit-generating smart services in your company’s system landscape. Contact us and team up with a strong partner to transform your digitalization plans into a reality.