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Turning Big Data into Smart Data

Big data involves a vast collection of unstructured data that cannot be processed without the use of new IT technologies and methods. Due to the size and lack of structure of big data, relevant information cannot be immediately gleaned from it; rather, depending on the task to be resolved, it has to be extracted using data science methods and a suitable IT infrastructure.

The share of raw data, and the variables derived from it that are relevant for resolving tasks, are referred to as smart data. This is because they point out properties and correlations that are immediately accessible and usable. The basis for a good result is always the underlying raw data.

Smart Data at a glance

Filter out
correlation from big data

Basis for
smart services

Basis for
product improvements

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our business model

Benefits of Smart Data

After successful processing of the relevant big data pool, the data can be precisely used for smart services. This approach simplifies data management. The focus is on the relevant data. The entire process of data production and storage is made more efficient. In the best case, only those data sets are generated that actually contribute to the services. In addition to being used for smart services, smart data also plays a role in improving machines and IT systems, since the information it contains can help provide a better understanding of systems and their malfunctioning.

What do we do for you with Smart Data?

We are happy to advise you on the path to your smart data. Our approach can be divided into two main parts. In a first step, we will extract your smart data from your big data; based on the data extracted, we will then work with you to develop smart services and implement them for you.

Big data will win out in the end because it will benefit not only data scientists and technologists, but also users in the business world. And visualization is, without a doubt, one of the keys to this success: This is the opportunity to go beyond showing something to people and explaining a topic and presenting numbers or diagrams to them. It is a way to bring diagrams and graphics to life through visualization.

Quelle: Chris Selland – Vice President Marketing und Business Development HP Vertica

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