Big Data Analytics

The automated and scalable performance
of analysis workflows

Live implementation of analyses as a service

KatanaGo comprises the components of the Katana Platform that you can use to integrate data analytics into your processes. KatanaGo embeds analyses that were implemented with KatanaFlow or MATLAB into a highly scalable service. Depending on needs, the widest range of data sources and services can be integrated here. As a result, analyses can be conducted with current and complete data and the results can then be stored and communicated.

Analyses with KatanaFlow and MATLAB

Of course, you can easily transform analysis workflows from KatanaFlow into a data-driven service with the help of KatanaGo. Even if you have already implemented analyses in MATLAB, you can operationalize them with the assistance of KatanaGo. You can then profit from reliable, secure and scalable execution.

Transparent, scalable and secure

The performance of analyses can be initiated by various results or by a protected web service. Every execution will be clearly logged, and access to log files will help to further improve the analyses. Revised analyses will lead to new versions of the service from which they can choose at will.

Our operationalization – automated, scalable and secure

of deployments
with one click
Secure and
Automatic versioning
for further
of workflows
Diverse interfaces
for integrating
IT landscapes

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Katana is your big data analytics expert for Industry 4.0 applications. With the help of the very latest cloud technology and the expertise of our own data scientists and data engineers, we facilitate fast, highly flexible analysis of your industrial data and the operationalization of profit-generating smart services in your company’s system landscape. Contact us and team up with a strong partner to transform your digitalization plans into a reality.