Digitalization for SMEs

Taking advantage of the opportunities of Industry 4.0

Economic output in Germany

Small and medium-sized companies in Germany play a key role, since they comprise more than two-thirds of all employees and almost 99 percent of all businesses. These companies in particular create the innovations that continue to advance Germany as a location for business.

The driver for this is digitalization – for successfully implementing customer needs, and growing and offering new business segments and services. More than 60 percent of all companies are now digitally connected with their customers and more than one-third of businesses already use smart services. The share of companies that employ big data analytics is somewhat lower but is also growing dynamically.

Digitalization for SMEs at a glance

Small and medium-
sized companies as innovation drivers


Optimize internal
and external communication

Smart services
for Industry 4.0

Corporate culture for digitalization

The success of small and medium-sized companies depends on digitalization and if and how the wide range of opportunities are used. It determines the degree to which Industry 4.0 can be achieved. Companies need qualified employees with good ideas for implementing digital services. The entire corporate culture and company organization are also crucial. These must be holistically focused on developing and living the digital transformation – on all levels of the organization.

How does Katana contribute to the digitalization of SMEs?

Our expertise lies in the customized development and implementation of smart services. Our customers represent a balanced cross-section of German small and medium-sized companies. We are familiar with the necessary responsibilities and ideas and are a strong partner as we work with our customers to create the digital future.

Example of digitalization for industrial printing machines

As a longtime partner of USU, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG has formulated successful digitalization concepts. The new digital business models that have resulted are extremely successful. Some of these examples are pay-per-use (Heidelberg Subscription), peer group comparisons (Performance Plus) and predictive monitoring.

Resting your laurels on established technologies is a dangerous proposition. Companies that do not digitalize will disappear from the market. This particularly applies to mechanical engineering!

Quelle: Dr. Stefan Gerlach, Fraunhofer IAO

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Katana is your big data analytics expert for Industry 4.0 applications. With the help of the very latest cloud technology and the expertise of our own data scientists and data engineers, we facilitate fast, highly flexible analysis of your industrial data and the operationalization of profit-generating smart services in your company’s system landscape. Contact us and team up with a strong partner to transform your digitalization plans into a reality.