Data Mining

Finding hidden correlations in your data

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining refers to the discovery of previously unknown patterns, structures and correlations in large sets of data. Because the data quantities (big data) are constantly growing, these methods for processing and modeling are particularly valuable because they can identify previously unknown correlations in large data sets.

Data Mining at a glance

Identify patterns
and correlations

Broad spectrum
of methods

industry data

Detect errors
and anomalies

Data mining methods

Possible concepts for identifying patterns range from interactive visualization to classic statistics through to machine learning processes. Methods that are frequently used include classification and regression trees (CART), cluster analyses, regression processes, neuronal networks and forecasting methods with time series data.

Solutions in the industrial segment

One classic problem is the identification of outliers in sensor data or anomaly detection in protocol data. In cluster analysis, groups of similar objects are identified that can be used for error and status typing.

Neuronal networks

Neuronal networks can learn and predict complex machine and system statuses and are therefore highly relevant in sophisticated matters of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Validation and quality assurance of results

Because data mining has no or very few requirements for carrying out the procedure, validation and critical evaluation of the results are absolutely necessary. Plausibility checks should therefore always be carried out together with machine and domain experts.

How do we support you in the industrial sector?

We use the entire spectrum of available methods and algorithms for data mining. Our data scientists hold considerable expertise and will help you discover unidentified structures, patterns and relationships in your machine and system data.

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Quelle: Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Deutsche Telekom

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