Big Data Analytics

The application to create analysis workflows
quick and easy

Efficient web-based application

KatanaFlow is the graphical development environment for data science in mechanical and plant engineering. The powerful, user-friendly web application supports your engineers in analyzing industrial data. It provides insight into the information hidden within.

Simple and fast

Ready-made modules and components can be dragged and dropped from extensive machine learning and data mining libraries, meaning you can quickly create data analysis workflows.

Simple data mining

KatanaFlow specifically provides support in data preprocessing, cleansing and correlation, as well as in creating time series analyses, recognizing patterns and anomalies, and many other analyses. The resultant knowledge paves the way for creating new digitally-driven services and turns your engineers into data scientists.

Our data analysis: clear, simple and time-saving

Creation of
data science projects
by drag & drop

presentation of
analytical processes

Algorithm library
for industry

Development of your own
modules with
Python and Spark

Jupyter notebooks for
interactive data analysis
and visualization

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Data science in the cloud?

KatanaFlow lets you move your data science to the cloud. You take care of your data, algorithms and processes and we look after the software and infrastructure needed to analyze large quantities of data and train machine learning techniques. Your team devises analysis processes on a clear web interface – anytime, anywhere. Your engineers are no longer constricted by their workstation’s computing power, because calculations are carried out in our cloud. That completely eliminates the cost and effort involved in installing, configuring and running your own servers, meaning you can focus fully on what really counts: your data and analyses.

Any questions? We are happy to help.

Katana is your big data analytics expert for Industry 4.0 applications. With the help of the very latest cloud technology and the expertise of our own data scientists and data engineers, we facilitate fast, highly flexible analysis of your industrial data and the operationalization of profit-generating smart services in your company’s system landscape. Contact us and team up with a strong partner to transform your digitalization plans into a reality.