Cut avoidable costs
Ensure reliable quality
Boost productive efficiency
Increase customer satisfaction
Create competitive advantages
Utilize valuable potential

Welcome to your experts for data-driven business success

AI solutions that will produce measurable business success from the digital transformation – this is our mission. We generate data insights into machines and systems to produce direct business turnover for your company instantly. With you and for you. And we have been successfully providing this service at the highest professional level for seven years now.

A continuous stream of data! Your company is full of sources of valuable information. But generally, only a fraction of this information is utilized successfully. Or worse, its potential remains completely uncovered. Our proven standard solution has been specially developed for the mechanical and plant engineering industry. It turns this hidden treasure of data into strategically relevant information and creates data-driven services from it – all for the specific purpose of opening-up new business potential and new sources of revenue.

We will supply you with the right solution for your use case based on our Katana platform kit, including our AI-driven standard algorithm – both for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring as well as for predictive quality and machine fingerprints – without dependencies and the risks of vendor lock-in – executable on popular clouds and on premise.


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Sound industry experience combined with up-to-date know-how – this is how we create successful uses cases that generate the desired results in the shortest period of time. Hire us instead of wasting your precious time performing the time- and cost-intensive job of developing internal company expertise.

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Your workforce is ready, your use case should start. Perfect: With our pre-configured standard components designed for mechanical engineering, we offer ready-to-use solutions. For a quick Go-live without long project durations.

Enjoy data analytics
without the cloud!

Is the idea of storing your data in the cloud a no-go for you? No problem: We will simply put your algorithm in a docker container – things will be up and running immediately, directly on the machine and not in the cloud.

Make or Buy?

Before you start a project, you have to give some careful thoughts to the question of ‘make or buy.’ Should you carry out the Industry 4.0 project yourself, or should you rely on an experienced external partner? How about your resources? Don’t forget about the time and costs associated with the planning, implementation and, ultimately, maintenance. The project will have the desired impact only if it has sufficient ‘power’ behind it – and that also includes state-of-the-art expertise. As well as: How can we address the requirements of internal stakeholders? Doesn’t an external partner – with  an experienced, external view – offer opportunities to find new ways to increase efficiency and innovation? These are questions that will pay off when it comes to your project’s chances of success.

Christine Krase, Chief Strategist, Katana

Next-level business transformation
Payoffs for your business:

Cut avoidable

You can use data-driven services to reduce unexpected downtimes, conduct maintenance precisely when the service will have the lowest-possible impact on production and avoid long stoppages or unnecessary personnel and material costs.

reliable quality

With the help of AI-powered analytics for manufacturing, you can identify potential problems and defects earlier in the process. You can then take action and reduce material expenditures and rejects to the bare minimum – all with the aim of providing reliable product quality.

Boost productive

Intelligent, self-learning algorithms will enable you to reduce maintenance intervals by making continual improvements, identify optimization potential and boost the performance of production. In short: Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) will achieve long-term improvements.

Increase customer

Data analysis will also deliver valuable information for predictive action in terms of customers and related services: Optimization potential can be tapped in such areas as repair services and replacement parts acquisition as a result.

Create competitive

Predictive maintenance optimization, long-term performance gains and customers who are perfectly satisfied – you can achieve all three with the help of our intelligent data-driven services. This is the way to create a springboard towards secure and expandable competitive advantages.

Tap valuable

Don’t just collect it, use it – that is our motto. No matter whether you are talking about production and service data, event logs or physical measured variables – we turn data into business potential. With this information at hand, you can develop hidden options, new service products and new business fields.

Benefits for your employees:

A well-structured

The amount of data is massive, and so is its potential, too. Amid this type of complexity, intelligent assistant systems produce an essential overview and even suggest specific actions that employees should take: Where, when and by who they are required – on a machine, in production management, in quality control or in the service department.

More time for
the essential

Technical challenges and core jobs should have the highest priority. With the help of data-driven services, we can apply AI and, step-by-step, create industrial intelligence that delivers an automated support to gain time once again for the essential to-dos and to reach strategic business objectives.

completing tasks

AI will not take away any person’s job. Rather, it will give your team the self-assurance it needs to effectively complete its tasks – while producing high quality and boosting productivity. All, while dealing with an increasing level of complexity.

Why choosing Katana from USU?

We at Katana are experts in data-driven business success. That’s because we transform your data into value-adding services. We began as a USU start-up and have carved out a place for ourselves as a successful division in the USU group – Europe’s largest solution provider for the digitalization of services. Today, we are a global operation that has more than 700 colleagues and over 40 years of experience in thousands of projects. We know exactly what it takes to successfully complete digital transformations. Our portfolio addresses the entire spectrum of data-driven services. At the printing-press manufacturer Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, for example, it is part of the  largest predictive maintenance system worldwide.

Trailblazer for data-driven services

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is a pioneer in the field of innovative service offerings that rely on a big data analysis platform. Leading-edge, scalable technology and analysis options mean that service processes are improved and new service offerings are developed simultaneously. The priority here is identifying irregularities early on by evaluating a machine’s status data. The aim is to eliminate imminent faults through planned servicing measures before they disrupt the production process, i.e. to ensure maximum machine availability thanks to intelligently planned, proactive servicing. Predictive monitoring coupled with data-driven process optimization increases the efficiency of customers’ value creation chains.

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